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Brother Vinni\'s miniatures

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Brother Vinni:
hi all!
I\'m Igor, faunder and major sculptor of russian studio called Brother Vinni\'s miniatures (or just Brother Vinni)
We produce and sell historical and fantasy miniatures mainly in 28 mm scale.
I don\'t clog this topic with past figures and I\'ll post only new since this moment.

----------all my miniatures are anytime aviable in the web-store, welcome: BROTHER-VINNI.COM ------------------------
----------we also have a facebook accout: -------------------------------------------------------

thanks for attention.

and new stuff - Female Elf warrior, heroic 28 mm, resin casting:

Gandogar Silberbart:
I just visited your shop, really nice sculps, but it seems as if you don\'t like to hide too much at most of your female models xD

The Renaissance soldiers look fine, but I\'m looking forward to see your Spain :)

This one looks very cool, too:

Yep, that\'s fantastic stuff. Especially the historical bits.  :thumbup:

Hanno Barka:
Welcome to the forum - I received your post apoc heads meanwhile and they are really fantastic :)

Brother Vinni:
Ok, let\'s start assembling Spanish Tercio.
First rare: 5 different models in \"heroic\" 28 mm scale, resin casting:


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