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Need help in testing V4 early list


Hi all

I know, FoW is not popular here, but I need to use all available resources.

I need some help to test my army for EW before going to serious tournament season. Is there anyone willing to help with that?

Ideally I\'m looking for a person who has some miniatures to build. But in reality I just need someone to help me with my boyfriends. V4 FoW and play with me sometimes - im i happy to help with rules and miniatures to build even full army.

I live in Berlin, but I\'m ready to help - I\'ll try to find a way to commute.
If you know someone whi might be interested - please, help me connect with this person. Any help will be appreciated!

Do you know this forum?
Here you will find more answers to FOW. Are all friendly and can read English  :) .


You\'re my savior!!!!

Didn\'t know about this forum!

Thank you so much!!


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