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5 ADLG Sertorian Spanish Battle Reports on Madaxeman.com


das madaxeman:
The Devonian Classic, a competition in the west country that was straight outta Brixham - a small town in Devon, packed full of pasties, pirates and, erm.. pubs ?

But, more importantly home to an eminently rentable community hall, plenty of cheap off-peak off-season accommodation (and of course the new venue for the fabulous Steve Price Towers), and more fish and chip shops than you can shake a stick at - all making it an ideal location for hosting an ADLG competition of the large but perfectly formed variety!

To this event the newly-minted Spanish army of Sertorius came, singing sea shanties and burping chorizo and garlic at all and sundry, towing behind them the legendary BURNING CART OF DOOOOM!!!.

These five resulting L'Art de la Guerre match reports are your chance to see how an Iberian army does against the Early Arabs, Seleukos, the Mitanni, the Might of Rome, and the rest of the Successors in 5 full-definition, seagull-targeted battle reports full of the usual stuff and nonsense.

Read them all here: https://www.madaxeman.com/reports/Brixham_2021_1.php

Das gefällt mir sehr

...tolle Bilder, meine nächste Partie ADG ist erst 2022...

Sehr schöne Berichte mit schönen Bildern!!
Gefällt mir sehr gut!!


Ja, das ist wieder sehr schön.


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