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  • 17. April 2024 - 16:59:22
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Pentaras im Mai
« am: 16. April 2024 - 13:00:30 »

Hello guys, on the International Star Wars Weekend we were given the entire house at Pentaras (Rudi das Nachbarschaftshaus). There are tournaments and a cross-system campaign. Unfortunately one group was canceled due to a scheduling change and so we have a free room.

It can either be used to play games (5 euros contribution for the weekend) or demo games can be played there. Of course, the demo players pay nothing. They just agree to give a demo here if someone comes to see a game.

If no one is there, you can gamble without inhibitions.

All games can be shown, but they need a Star Wars reference (example OPR with Star Wars figures)

Who would like to do that?
It's about Saturday May 4th and Sunday May 5th