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Autor Thema: 2. Franconian Open DBMM 14-16.07. 2023 in Herzogenaurach/Germany  (Gelesen 989 mal)

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Hallo zusammen,
nach den ausgesprochen guten Erfahrungen aus dem letzten Jahr, mochte ich gerne zum 2. Franconian Open einladen. Es wird speziell am Freitag ein paar Demorunden für Interessierte geben. Wer also Lust und Zeit hat, ist herzlichst eingeladen. Alle Informationen dazu in dem angehängten PDF und natürlich auf Rückfrage bei mir.
PDF ist zu groß also Text hier  ;D:
1. International Tabletop Cup Franconian Open DBMM „Nero is (almost) dead,
who is next? Rome in the years 67-72 AD“
Friday 14. – Sunday 16. July 2023
After the death of Nero the Julian-Claudian dynasty came to an end. In the aftermath begins a reform process of the Empire und more than one of the great families hoping to get a chance for Caesars Throne. However, as said in a simple television series: If you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.
In Rome itself there are four different groups looking for the empires throne. Although in history they did not start at the same time with fighting each other, we will not take it to serious here.
Beside the intrigues of the Roman elites, we will not forget all the countries around looking what is going on in the empire and that the inner conflict weakens the outer borders. The barbarians awake and scent the smell of independence, some successful uprisings or just a number of prosperous raids. This is where we start.
[Karte des röm. Reiches 69 n.Chr.]
We play DBMM 2.1 with the actual Commentary; each armylist consists of 400 AP. The chosen armies have to be in the selected period. The chosen armies have to be in the specific period of 67 -72 AD. The CinC needs a name (just a name), if he falls in battle his brother or son will lead the army in the next battle. Each army may use all allies of the selected timeline. All stratagems are allowed. Army Points invested for stratagems are specified by selecting the stratagems for any specific game at Deployment (1), page 22. Selected stratagems are noted down with the deployment. E.g., a player who spent 10 AP for stratagems may use Feigned Flight (10AP) in game 1 and Scouting (5AP) plus Guides (5AP) in game 2. Maximum two stratagems per game.
Generating terrain:
In the usual way both players generate the terrain for the game. Additionally defender and invader lay each one (additional) street. First, the defender lay it from North to South, keeping 1000 p distance from the corners, the invader from West to East, keeping 1600 p distance from the corners. At the crossing, the defender lays a city (½ FE, will be provided by the organizer).
Game duration is 3,5+x h. Game end is sudden. If a Player is dicing for distant or close combat, this bound will be finished. Further action is not allowed. Calculating the winner of the game is according to the DBMM rules.
The following extra points can be achieved:
The opponents CinC was killed in combat: 5 points
The only occupier of the city at the end of the game: 5 points
List of armies allowed based on historical and romantic reasons:
Early Imperial Roman a based on nd Enemies: 1/7 Early Lybians (Garamantes), 1/47 Thracian (possible Uprising), 1/58 Meroitic Kushite, 2/22 Arabo Aramaean, 2/23 Pre-Islamic Arab, 2/24 Early Rhoxolani Sarmatians, 2/25 Bosporan, 2/26 Sirace,Iazyges, Later Rhoxolani Sarmatians, 2/28 Early Armenian and Gordyene, 2/37 Parthian, 2/44 Commagene, 2/47 Early German, 2/52 Dacian or Carpi and Bastarnae, 2/53 Ancient British, 2/54 Scots-Irish, 2/55 Nobades and Blemmye or Beja, 2/56 Early Imperial Roman, 2/57 Later Moorish, 2/58 Alan, 2/59 Jewish Revolt
We will support players who need figures/elements for the theme.
Army lists please send to umpire Neil Fox: foxgom2012(at)gmail.com. If the correct list reaches us by June 15. You will receive 5 VP. Army lists received after will not achieve bonus VP.
Registration with number and name of the chosen army at carlos.duecker-benfer(at)fau.de and will be valid with sending the fee of 45,00€ (paypal) to my e-mail address above (for bank transfer send an e-mail for information). If we receive the money by April 30. your fee is reduced to 40€. The registration is closed after June 30.
The fee includes welcome gift, rent, coffee (tea), Water, snacks (brain food) and lunch on Sunday. Other drinks will be offered.
Prizes will be given for the first three rankings and best-painted army. Special Awards for best newcomer and the most unlucky player. More special awards related to the topic are possible.
Generationen Zentrum Herzogenaurach,
Erlanger Str. 16,
91074 Herzogenaurach
14.07 Friday: 5.00 pm Meeting Set up tables, Discussion, Dating and free games (DBMF, scenarios, etc. Make your choice
15.07 Saturday: 9.00 am Registration 9.30 am Game 1 1.00 pm lunch break 2.00 pm Game 2
6.15 pm get together in a local Franconian Restaurant, after diner free games or drinks or both
16.07 Sunday: 9.00 am Game 3 12.30 Lunch 1.30 pm Game 4, victory ceremony and clean up
Herzogenaurach is a small town in middle Franconia close to Erlangen and Nürnberg. It is home of Puma, Adidas and the Schaeffler-Group. The first written document on Herzogenaurach was in 1002 as Uruha. The medieval city is still a beautiful place to visit.
Diner on Friday evening can be ordered at local take-a-way-restaurants (usually pizza), on Saturday for lunch you can choose between small cafes and restaurants or supermarkets. There is very good Italian ice cream 2 minutes away (walking)
For travellers. You can reach Herzogenaurach by train: Erlangen (Erlangen HBF) or Plane Airport Nürnberg (https://www.herzogenaurach.de/entdecken/anreise). We can arrange a pick up service .
Accomodation in Herzogenaurach: Novina Sleep In (https://www.sleepinn-herzogenaurach.de/novina-sleep-inn-herzogenaurach/), Hotel Aurach (https://www.hotel-aurach.eu/), Gästehaus in der Engelgasse (https://www.engelsschlaf.de/) or search at https://www.herzogenaurach.de/entdecken/uebernachten

\"May the Force be with You\"