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Autor Thema: Chariot Wars revival  (Gelesen 10121 mal)

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Chariot Wars revival
« Antwort #75 am: 23. November 2009 - 12:51:08 »

Zitat von: \'hallostephan\',index.php?page=Thread&postID=44889#post44889
Die(Redoubt) haben sogar ein Abenteuerset mit Troya-Mauer von GrandManer, etlichen Minis incl. Helden und Streitwagen und die Regeln f├╝r 150 Pfund-wenn ich nicht schon alles h├Ątte....damals wars mir viel zu teuer, wegen des Pfundkurses-aber inzwischen.....nur so als Tip :santa:
Kannst Du dazu mal einen link geben, ich finde das bei redoubt nicht.

Gruss Christof


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Chariot Wars revival
« Antwort #76 am: 23. November 2009 - 20:08:13 »

I think the javelin chriots are more effective but the spear ones look better.
Yes,I quite agree with that statement. :)

We don\'t have holiday plans made up yet for 2010 so I\'m not yet sure about the date.

It\'s unlikely for me to start into a trojan war adventure. I like the
subject and the figures but I\'d never get the chance to use them again
in Berlin and they are very uncomfortable to transport by air or track.
If we start into WAB gaming it\'s more likely to be something around
teardrop shaped shields and chainmail, imperial romans or alexander the
Oh I see,somehow I was under the impression you were going to collect a Trojan army and this is why you were asking me for force structure,also I think you mentioned this was the ideal period to wargame WAB in.

So if I come I hope you don\'t mind me showing up with normans or moors or something simillar instead of boar tusk helmets.
Of course Tom!We would be more then happy to see you.The event has more then just the chariot wars campaign and I\'m sure finding an appropriate opponent won\'t be difficult .Plus,it would just be nice to meet and of course see your outstanding models up close! :D



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Chariot Wars revival
« Antwort #77 am: 24. November 2009 - 12:13:13 »

W├╝rg-sie habens rausgeschmissen-hab lange nicht mehr nachgesehn-sorry! mfg Stephan