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FOW in Bamberg(web site updated)
« am: 18. Januar 2009 - 13:42:52 »

Hello everyone,

Our club http://www.phoenix-brotherhood.de.vu. located in Bamberg will be starting a FOW campaign in Febuary.We plan to start off small with around 600pts. and work our way up.The campaign will be in Western Europe in the late war period.After our armies have grown some and we have played a few games we will start on the supplements.The campaign is more of a side based campaign and not personal one.This way players can play whenever they have time and need not play on a regular basis.If you are interested you can contact me or better yet,go to our web site listed  above and jump on in.We welcome anyone to come and join us! :beer: So,make sure to oil your weapons and grease your tracks,war is here! :D
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