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Autor Thema: 5 Madaxeman Reports - 28mm Romans, L\'Art de la Guerre!  (Gelesen 630 mal)

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5 Madaxeman Reports - 28mm Romans, L\'Art de la Guerre!
« am: 29. Oktober 2017 - 17:56:53 »

After I painted and manufactured my 28 mm patrician Roman army in the last 18 months and was not quite finished, the annual derby contest suddenly came into view and offered not only one but two occasions the numbers to bring to the table.

The final result are packed and imposing L\'Art de le Guerre battle reports with lush images of troops that are actually large enough to get around with the naked, human eye!

Over the weekend the army fought against their predecessors, their contemporaries, their allies and their deadly enemies from the end of the Roman Empire - and even against a remarkable opportunity , itself - on a series of 6x4 table tops in an aircraft hangar in the East \"Midlands\".

See why the 28mm game proves to be a good thing and could be the absolute real sweet spot for Ancient Wargaming with the rules of art L\'art de la Guerre ..

Yes, these reports may be your starting point to regulate the seemingly almost daily freedoms of plastic multipose 28mm ancient figures that are now on the Market. Read on with care!