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« am: 23. März 2009 - 13:44:48 »

..and a Game – Twilight

These are going to be sold by Hasslefree

Release schedule:-
The following models will be available at Salute on 28th March, and will be available from the Hasslefree website at around the same time. Most of these have been previewed over the last few weeks, but there are still a few to show you!

Twilight Starter Set (containing Rulebook, Knight Captain, 2 Knights, Militia unit (Captain and 5 Militia), Engineer, Devanu Kopa, 3 Grishak, 24 Combat Stones, 14 Phase Counters, 2 Dice)

Fubarnii Knight Captain (including two alternate enuk mount heads)
Fubarnii Knight (two variants with different heads on the enuk mounts)
Militia Captain
Militia (two variants)
Engineer with Derak
Baruk packbeast

Devanu 1 (Kopa)
Devanu 2 (Sempa)
Grishak hunting beast

Read more here http://forum-of-doom.com/index.php?board=56.0
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